Bus Driver Trainee (Temporary)

Classified Position - 7941



$8.50 / hour



Reports to:

Assigned Assistant Superintendent or Director



This position is a limited duration training position in which the incumbent is taught the knowledge and skills necessary to become a District bus driver. Within 30 days of entering into this position, the incumbent must 1) pass the exam and receive a CDL (Commercial Driver’s License), 2) complete required training, and 3) pass an examination by a third party examiner.



  1. Learns to be, and is responsible for the safe and expedient transportation of  students, including driving bus route according to bus stop locations and time schedules
  2. Monitors behavior and actions of students on school bus while driving routes, to include noise levels and settling student disputes; communicating with Transportation personnel, parents and school officials regarding student behavior (may include watching videos, asking department staff for parent contact information and phone parents for assistance in changing the students behavior, write misconduct forms)
  3. Complete various forms and reports including field trips, log addendums, student check-in sheets and vehicle log sheets
  4. Learns to and aids in the loading and unloading process of students needing assistance in boarding as well as those with special needs, via stairs or lift mechanisms. Learns and monitors student riders for any suspected child abuse, sexual harassment, bullying, bodily fluids cleanup and medical conditions (e.g., diabetic shock, seizures, respiratory conditions, etc.)
    1. Learns how to and communicates in person and on a two-way radio for routine, urgent and emergency situations
    2. Learns how to and reports all unsafe route and bus stop conditions to the dispatcher
    3. Consult with and assist bus driver in documentation of student information, recordkeeping and completing route surveys
    4. Assist driver in assuring seat belts, harnesses and wheel chair clamps are secured as required
    5. Assist parents and school personnel with safe loading and unloading of students; coordinate seating of pre-kindergarten students as required by State Transportation Guidelines
    6. Communicate with classroom aides, teachers, principals, and parents concerning student background, medical problems and behavior as appropriate
    7. Maintain current knowledge of Emergency Evacuation procedures
    8. Assist handicapped children on and off the bus and escort children safely to and from school and home; lift children as required; assure responsible adult meets students leaving the bus
    9. Attend in-service meetings and training courses as assigned
    10. Utilize Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) as outlined at the school/district
    11. Maintains regular and predictable attendance

    12. Adheres to the professional code of ethics

    13. Successfully utilizes technology as appropriate in job function
    14. Perform related duties as assigned





  1. Any combination equivalent to: high school diploma, G.E.D. Certificate or demonstrated progress toward obtaining a G.E.D. as required by Kentucky law
  2. Valid Kentucky driver’s license
  3. Must be able to successfully complete the training program and CDL and third party examinations  within 30 days from date of employment